Thursday, September 25, 2008

One Year of Blogging!

"Bottles", 8"x10", Oil on Board
My blog has lasted a year! I had wanted to post this painting on the 17th (the actual blog anniversary date) but things never work out quite the way I plan. I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of my work over the past year. Your comments and support has meant a lot! A special thanks goes out to: Alvin Richard, Todd Ford and Joanne Giesbrecht. These three wonderful artists have been so supportive and encouraging to me. Thanks folks! I've been painting with oils now for a little over a year and feel like I've improved so much; however, there is still so much to learn with this medium and not enough time in a day.

I really wanted to get this painting posted tonight so I apologize for the quality of the photo because I usually photograph outside in natural daylight. I painted these old bottles as a companion piece to my vintage series. I had all of these bottles on a shelf in my kitchen except for the cobalt one which I recently purchased at an antique shop. The cobalt bottle is my favorite but I also like the old, big bottle with all of its stains.

Around the first of September, I got an email from a gallery owner in Rockport, Maine expressing interest in my work (she found me on the internet). After meeting with the owner and showing her my work, I'm pleased to say that the Carver Hill Gallery will be representing me. It's really a nice gallery in a unique setting. The gallery carries a diverse body of work most of which isn't listed on their website. I'll be delivering my work to the gallery around the first or second week of October. I'll keep you all posted!