Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Daily Painting

Untitled, 12"x12", Oil on Canvas
I decided to paint this cow as a daily painting. It's not my typical subject matter but I wanted to go for something different with looser brush strokes. I've also never painted animals in oil before so I figured there's a first time for everything. My painting, "Jar on a Windowsill", won 3rd place in the oil division at the Maine Open Juried Art Show. I was actually happy with that placement as this was the first time I had ever entered any of my oils into a juried show.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love cows and this came out beautiful.
Check out the look!

Jean Victory said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you! I was worried about posting it because it's so different than all of my other work.

Sheryl Parsons said...

It's great Jean! I love the look as well.

Jean Victory said...

Hi Sheryl,
Thanks, I certainly appreciate you taking the time to look.

Pierre Raby said...

Joyful! Very interesting piece Jean-
nice fresh colors!

Jean Victory said...

Hi Pierre,
Thanks, it's a daily painting so it was done very quickly which was a nice change of pace from my slowly painted still lifes.

Don Gray said...

Hi Jean--I really enjoy this painting. I like how The handling and color take it a step or two away from realist rendering. Makes me think of Fairfield Porter, or Alex Katz.

Jean Victory said...

Hi Don,
Thanks, I was just really into rendering this differently. My work is usually so tightly rendered so this seemed a little a step away from my usual approach. I love cows so who knows I may paint more of them. It funny that you mentioned Alex Katz because I just viewed his exhibit at the Colby College Museum of Art and it was unbelievable.

Ross Lynem said...

Well done! I love cow paintings. This one is especially sweet and charming. I like the light you captured. I also like the music that was playing as i was looking at your painting. Thank you!

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