Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gallery Trip

I made my trip to the Westbrook gallery yesterday to drop off some more of my work and to do an on-site painting demo. It was really worth the trip because when I arrived, internationally renowned watercolorist, Tony Van Hasselt, was also dropping off his work for a show that starts on the 19th of October and I had never met him before. He and his wife were both very nice, really genuine people. His work consisted of plein air landscapes that were rendered in watercolor. Watercolor has never been a strong medium for me but Mr. Van Hasselt honestly makes it look effortless. He didn't talk about his work at all but was rather interested in mine. When he left, apparently he was on his way to teach a workshop in New Hampshire. He and his wife travel all over the world to paint and teach...what a life! I started a small still life today...more olives. I like the idea of taking a simple subject and doing something with it. I'll check back in tomorrow to share my progress.

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