Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sneak Peek Marbles Painting

Here's a sneak peak of what I've been working on. I actually had another painting in the works that I had spent about a week of time on. That painting ended up in my garbage pile! I was having problems with it so I decided to start a new one to put an end to the frustration. I actually have quite a bit of this completed but I've also been doing a lot of homework from a class I've been taking. I'm taking a case management class at a local university. I already have quite a few credits towards a degree in social services and hope by taking additional classes it will lead to a job. I'm looking to get a full-time job in this area and then moonlight as an artist.

The artist reception at the Carver Hill Gallery on Saturday went really well. It really is a beautiful space. I thought my work was hung and lit very well. It's amazing how well paintings look under proper lighting. I use balanced daylight bulbs for painting down in my studio with lighting that is 5000 - 5500 degrees Kelvin which is equivalent to north light. The bulb should also have a CRI as close to 100 as possible. A lot of stores are carrying these bulbs now so they are easy to find. Well, I hope to spend some time painting today so I can get my current painting finished.


Joanne said...

Hi Jean!
Social services, eh? Sounds like a career where you will make a difference in the lives of many... that's wonderful! And speaking of wonderful - this painting looks like it will be another beautiful one. Too bad about the other one that ended up in the garbage. I find it almost impossible to give up on a painting - even when logic says it is beyond redemption! Looking forward to seeing more of this one, Jean. Take care, friend!

Jean Victory said...

Hi Joanne,
Yes, social services, it's an area I've been interested in for awhile and hopefully with more education it will improve my chances for a good job. I won't be giving up my painting though. When I was working on the other painting, I was having problems with the pigments right from the beginning. I don't usually give up on a painting but I was starting to get so frustrated with it that I'm glad I moved on to something else. This is a small piece and kind of fits in with my time limitations right now. I'd like the next piece to be a little bigger. At some point I'd like to go real large. What's the largest you've painted? It might be a nice challenge. I need to look at your blog to see what you've been up to this week. Later!

Pierre Raby said...

Hi Jean, knowing how you're devoted to excell in your art with so much honesty gives us a good idea of what you'll offer to others in Social Services. I wish you all the best in that field! Also, I'm happy that you don't give up with painting cause you are a talented artist.

Jean Victory said...

Hi Pierre,
No, I don't plan on giving up painting. If I actually go a day without being in my studio, it makes me cranky. I'm hoping by taking these additional classes it will give me more of an edge in the job market. Jobs are hard to come by here in Maine, it's very competitive. Survival is tough for a lot of people here right now, especially now with winter and the fact that most of us have to buy heating oil. Christmas will be tough this year. I'm just trying to lived a day at a time though.

Joanne said...

Hi again!

I know what you mean about trying to live one day at a time, Jean... it is really a discipline to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow, though! Things do look rather grim this winter - I think we are in this "recession" for a while! :-( We are in the middle of having our roof replaced. When we built the house, we had a 25 year warrantee on the roof, but the company went bankrupt, and the pine shakes have begun to rot after only 13 years! *sigh*

I have been tagged on my blog, and so I am tagging you as one of the artists to visit. Please see my blog for details - but feel under no obligation to participate.

Have a great weekend, Jean.

r garriott said...

Hi Jean,

I was surfing around for artists blogs, and was taken by your gorgeous work.

I'm wondering if you might consent to being 'Tagged'-- you seem to ahve a good following already so I don't know if this would be interest to you or not.

As it was put to me, "Don’t know who started this tag game but it is pretty cool. It's interesting

getting the untold stories from some of my favorite artists." As you're one my favorite artist
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3. Tag 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Thanks, I look forward to following your blog.

R Garriott

Jean Victory said...

Hi Joanne and R. Garriott,
Thanks for thinking of me in this game of tag.

Anonymous said...

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