Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Tomorrow and I've Been Tagged Twice

This is the big 24.19 lb. bird that my mother will be cooking for tomorrow's fiest. My mother was unhappy that I had bought such a big turkey but I was really encouraged by my 15 year old son. Cameron, my son, loves the leftovers almost as much as the big day itself. He's been talking about turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and a homemade turkey pie for two weeks now. My question to you is: Do all 15 year old boys love food this much? He's 6'1" tall and weighs around 190 lbs. He's been seeing an orthodonist for 7 years now. His orthodontist won't put braces on him yet because he says Cam's not done growing yet...unreal.

No, my marble painting isn't finished but I've been working on it when I can. It's been kind of a crazy week here with the upcoming holiday, differential fluid spewing out of my jeep and my 8 year old nephew was injured at school and has a hematoma that may require surgery this week.

I've noticed that I've been tagged by a couple of artists here in my comments. I almost wasn't going to go along with the tag because I feel like I don't really have anything interesting to share about myself but here goes: I was tagged by Joanne Giesbrecht, my good friend up north and R. Garriott a talented Denver based artist. Here's my list of (not so) unusual things about myself.
1. I disinfect shopping cart handles when I go shopping (I actually carry the wipes in my large purse and have included a small spray sanitizer for my hands as extra protection).
2. I'm probably the only 42 year old woman who still listens to Tool, Led Zepplin, Alice in Chains etc...(No, I don't might say I reformed after having my son).
3. Favorite concerts: Robert Plant and Paul McCartney at the Seattle Kingdome.
4. My dad is a Maine Baseball Hall of Famer. He played AAA ball and got offers to play pro.
5. I'm a single parent and my teenage son is driving me crazy! (He's a good kid but he's really full of it)
6. I won my first art award in second grade.
7. My companion all day is my overweight, black Chihuahua, Lita. (Lita got into my paint again last Friday...she had Ultramarine Blue and Aliz. Crimson paint all over my studio again...she was looking for food!!!)
Here are the artist I will tag: John Vander Stelt, Todd Ford, Alex Perez, D. Prizzi, Pierre Raby
Ok, that's five...close enough...who's counting!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


r garriott said...

Hi Jean, Thank you for playing! And you had me going with the turkey...I thought Wow! Imagine painting that netting!

Jean Victory said...

Hi R.
No, the netting would be too much. Take care!

Pierre Raby said...

Happy Thanksgiving for you and your little family!

Jean Victory said...

Hi Pierre,
Thanks so much! It will be interesting to see how much painting I get done today with the holiday and all. It feels like the whole week has been a loss. Take care and have a great day. said...

Jean, its okey like this?:

take a look please, hahaha! hope I'm doing well...

Jean Victory said...

Hi Alex,
Yes, you did well! It looks like you're getting the hang of it. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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just loved it a lot..

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