Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Started a New Painting

Scarborough Marsh in The Fall

I started a new still life painting today and no it's not finished. That's my problem...I'm slow. I realize that I'm going to need to pick up the pace if I'm ever going to paint a painting a day. That's my goal! It was beautiful here today and yet I spent half the day dealing with issues and errands instead I wish I could have gone over to the coast to paint. A missed opportunity!! Last night I finished a landscape of the Scarborough Marsh in oil, maybe I'll post a photo of that when I get the chance. Above is a photo of the Scarborough Marsh this time of year.


Brendy Vaughn said...

Wow, it looks really beautiful there.

I thought it would take me forever to be able to do a painting a day but with daily practice I got faster pretty quick. I like your work - I'll check back.

Jean Victory said...

Thanks Brendy...I hope I get faster.

Brendy Vaughn said...

I found your blog through a comment you left on Michael Naples blog.